DECODING THE DONALD PHENOMENON – Call it what you want. There is an explanation for his behavior.

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, we have seen numerous examples of Donald Trump’s behavior fitting neatly into the blueprint presented in this blog.  The “black heart” and “lack of empathy” Mr. Khan so eloquently spoke of falls within the framework of a dangerous personality disorder according to experts.  Some call it Narcissistic Personality Disorder, while other experts describe this behavior as sociopathic, or psychopathic.

The purpose of the original posting below (link to WordPress article dated 07.14.16 is posted here) is to call attention to an apparent mental health issue relating to Trump.  It is to provoke thought and incite a broad discussion around Donald Trump’s apparent dangerous personality disorder, and to provide a reliable and consistent profile of Trump’s behavior.

Based on Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Martha Stout’s highly-touted book, The Sociopath Next Door, Trump seems to fit the bill of a sociopath, and that is why I speculated that he is a sociopath in the original posting.  A reasonable person must admit that Trump’s behavior does align with the description in her introductory chapter (YouTube link is here).

Many experts believe Trump is a narcissist.  In fact, a retired psychotherapist, with over 40 years of experience, wrote a comment about my article, stating that he believes everything I wrote about him in the posting is “precise and true,” though he believes Trump “fits into the diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder, one of the most severe I and most other psychotherapists I have talked to, and who have written about it, have ever seen.”

Call it what you want to.  diagnosis is for the experts.  My thesis below is simply that “Trained in sociopathy or not, I can state one certainty: If there is a debate about whether a person is a narcissist or a sociopath (or any of the related personality disorders), there is much cause for alarm if you are within that person’s sphere of influence. The stakes are even higher if the questioned individual is in contention to lead the free world.”

With or without agreement to the posting’s proposition, if you believe this discussion should be had on a broader level, I kindly ask you to chime in, and to share it.  I believe it gives a strong perspective, in real-life terms, on what the world is observing in Donald Trump’s campaign and behavior.  It also provides an education that could help everyday people gain perspective and healing when they are affected by someone with a personality disorder, such as sociopathy.

Thank you for reading this post, your comments.  This article has now been read in 30 countries worldwide, and several experts have chimed in favorably towards the thesis.

Note:  Please leave your comments at the original postinglink to WordPress article dated 07.14.16 is posted here so it will be combined with the broader discussion.  This posting may be updated or replaced from time-to-time.

All the best.

B. Ashley

(Updated 10.03.2016)

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27 thoughts on “DECODING THE DONALD PHENOMENON – Call it what you want. There is an explanation for his behavior.

  1. OK, never mind my response earlier, B. Found the like button (yay!).

    Also, the earlier comment I left with a different ava is me as well, from a different email address that sometimes pops up on WordPress if I don’t pay attention. Sorry.

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  2. Of course the discussion should be on a broader level, and we should be able to talk openly about the candidate’s apparent character defect and its dangerous ramifications, rather than continue to pretend he is normal and capable of doing the job.

    Future historians (if we have a future) will puzzle over the curious silence surrounding this issue, a silence that’s unforgivable in our post-Hitler (Stalin, Idi Amin, Radovan Karadzic, Saddam Hussein, etc.) age.

    All those leaders have shared Trump’s character defect and we know, or should, what happens when they were elected to positions of power. Just in case we forget, here’s a reminder:

    And another one:

    (If this is a duplicate comment, please remove, B. I’ve had difficulties posting on your site for a moment.)

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    1. Emma… Wow… These are amazing articles. Thank you so much for sending them. I skimmed them, but will read them later when I get time. Let’s me know I’m not crazy myself! It’s amazing to me that more people do not pick up on this. Again, thanks!


    2. Hi Emma. I have tried to answer you twice. For some reason, my responses aren’t going through. I wanted to thank you for the links you sent above. They are great resources. I wish I had them when writing the paper. I did a quick skim, but will read them further in short time. B. Ashley

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      1. Ugh is right. I had planned to move on to writing about other topics and letting this blog go dormant. With this situation, I am now considering a follow-up. People are not characterizing this man in the right framework. This person is dangerously mentally unstable and his success helps hide it. He told a lot of people what they wanted to hear, and that was enough for them to turn a blind-eye to his shenanigans. People do not understand this danger, so I agree with you. There needs to be more education. Thank you for writing back, and I hope people like us continue to have people consider the danger her.

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  3. Excellent piece, thank you so much for posting it. We are truly in a frightening situation at this point in our country. I wonder if historians think that Hitler shared some of these characteristics?


    1. Thanks again for the mention. Interestingly, a 3rd doctor just commented on my blog, agreeing that Trump has narcissistic and sociopathic characteristics. If you were to just google the words trump and sociopath, you will see resources dating back for years. This is dangerous stuff.


    1. I read some of your posts tonight, and find your approach intellectually stimulating. You clearly call out the issue, but make me stop and think that everyone (myself included) becoming absorbed in the on-goings is actually a testament of the narcissist’s control. Do you think that interpretation is on par?


  4. I simply needed to say thanks once more. I do not know the things that I would have gone through in the absence of the actual renanmecdotioms discussed by you directly on such a subject. It has been an absolute depressing problem for me, but noticing a new well-written manner you processed that took me to cry over gladness. I’m thankful for your information and expect you recognize what an amazing job you were providing instructing people through a site. More than likely you haven’t got to know any of us.

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    1. You are so welcome. I understand what you are saying because I went through those things myself with my neighbor. Until you are exposed to the topic of sociopathy about the things that they do and say. The purpose of this blog was to educate people and give them a framework to process what they’re seeing with drop. That in turn can provide some sense of peace and perspective amid all this craziness. If you get time please listen to the first link in my paper to the first chapter of the sociopath next door audio version. Also please forward a link to my article to others you think May benefit from this knowledge. Again, thank you so very much!


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